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Raw Culture Art & Lofts Bairro Alto

Art & Lofts in the Heart of Bairro Alto.

Some people can't live apart from character, style and creative energy.
These people simply will not put up with a nondescript room that looks the same whether in Lisbon, Madrid or Katmandu.
Raw Culture Bairro Alto was designed to welcome these people, by creating a unique atmosphere for an original concept: we took an ancient building that used to house the printing facilities of a Portuguese Typography and built 13 magnificent lofts around a skylight staircase that rises up from an Art Gallery and Cultural Venue.


13 unique lofts.

Discover our stunning Lofts, explore their every nook and cranny, and unveil each secret story behind the startling objects that render them so special and unique.

Penthouse - Penthouse

Penthouse - Penthouse

At the top of the building is the most magnificent Apartment of the project Raw Culture.

G-2.2 - Brick

G-2.2 - Brick

The red brick tones that adorn virtually every roof in Lisbon are often seen as the final touch on the make-up of this rather feminine city. They are the sensual undertones behind the melancholic ‘Fado’. The distant promise of a kiss behind the feeling of ’Saudade’. It is also the underlining hue in this luxurious Loft, suggesting the warmth of an evening spent indoors. It touches both the bedroom and lounge area, both WC’s and even the ample dining alcove.


Art Gallery

Horst Friedrichs

Sep 15 2019 - Jan 31 2020

SPEED by Horst Friedrichs

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Raw Culture Art & Lofts Bairro Alto